I am not dead!

I am still alive! I survived the surgery!

The worst part of the surgery is the gas pain once you wake up. Since the surgery is done laparoscopically, they fill the body cavity with gas and for some reason, no one has come up with a way to get that gas out before they close you back up. The pain meds did not touch the gas pain at all. The only way to get it absorbed into the body is to move/walk around.  Which is the last thing you want to do, but you have to. And it did help.

Luckily I did so well I was able to go home after one night in the hospital. Currently, I am on a “clear” liquid diet. This includes water, sugar-free sports drinks, bouillon, broth, sugar-free jello and protein drinks/shakes. I am on this for two weeks. So after Tuesday, July 25th, I can start the pureed/mushed phase. And that lasts for four weeks.

I am on a 15lb lifting restriction and am cleared to walk 1 to 2 miles per day. Right now that is the exercise I am getting. I have six incisions from the surgery and they are still healing. The largest one still stings from time to time.

It has been difficult to reach the liquid intake requirement. I am required to get 64oz of fluids in a day. That is difficult when I can only take sips and am not hungry. So far I feel that I have not experienced real hunger. I have experienced some cravings and mental hunger. Depending on the mental hunger I will either have a sweet protein shake or a salty broth or bouillon. That seems to be doing the trick so far!

Right before pre-op diet: 367.9lbs
Pre-surgery: 341.7lbs
7.20.2017: 336lbs
Current loss: approx. 31lbs

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