July 2017

Pre-op diet: 367.9
Pre-surgery: 341.7
7.18.2017: 342
7.20.2017: 336
7.23.2017: 330
7.25.2017: 326.6
8.01.2017: 325
Current loss: approx. 42lbs

First milestone met! My first goal was to get below 330. When I was dieting and working out 6-7 times per week I could not break 330. Part of me was terrified I still wouldn't be able to get below it. But then I did!

As of last Wednesday I am on the puréed/mush phase. Mostly I have been enjoying tomato soups. I will be at this stage for 6 weeks. While I miss crunchy things, it hasn't been too bad.

I still am not having physical hunger. Just mental hunger. I have been trying to work on my food obsession/addiction and it hasn't been easy but I am determined.

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