5 Weeks Post-op

Day of pre-op diet: 367.9lbs
Pre-surgery: 341.7lbs
08.17.2017: 320lbs
Total Loss: 47lbs

I hit a stall last week. The scale would not budge from 325lbs. I knew stalls would happen, but it definitely was frustrating not seeing the scale move at all. Being around good smelling food is harder too. Right now I am still in the pureed/mush stage until September 6 when I can switch to soft foods. The 15lb weight restriction has been lifted and I am looking forward to working out again. Since surgery I have just been walking approx 2 miles per day. Tonight I am going to my Booty Work/Zumba class and I cannot wait.

I printed out the gym schedule and highlighted all the classes I want to attend. Most of them are body sculpt classes with a few cardio classes. I also plan on continuing to walk as much as possible. Once I reach my next milestone (to get under 300lbs), I would like to buy myself a bike. I miss riding a bike and I could see myself just riding around town for hours.

Food wise right now I have been eating mostly soups. I have also been having roasted red pepper hummus when I want something with a little more substance. I am still keeping up with the protein shakes, powerade zero and yogurt. I have found that I tolerate Halo Top ice cream and will have a little bit usually after dinner if my sweet tooth kicks in.

I am looking forward to the soft food stage. I cannot wait to eat something with just a little crunch.

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