Week 7

Day of pre-op diet: 367.9lbs
Pre-surgery: 341.7lbs
08.29.2017: 312lbs
Total Loss: 55lbs

I cannot believe that I am only 12-13lbs away from being under 300lbs. It doesn’t seem real. Exactly a week from today I will be in the “soft food” stage. I cannot wait. I am getting real tired of soup and mashed potatoes.

Tomorrow I have my last nutrition class in the morning and a follow-up appointment with my surgeon in the afternoon. I have gotten back into working out regularly. Right now doing 2 body sculpt classes and 2 cardio classes per week. I plan to gradually increase my workout classes until I am taking 6-7 per week. Right now it’s a little difficult as I am dealing with some back pain that I believe is partly due to losing weight. I feel my center of gravity keeps shifting.

I am down 2 pant sizes and 1 shirt size. I bought some new jeans, panties, shirts and some lounge-wear this past weekend. Felt good to put on some smaller sizes.

Was wearing pant size: 28
Now wearing pant size: 24
Was wearing shirt size: 4x
Now wearing shirt size: 3x

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