Week 12, Day 83

Day of pre-op diet: 367.9lbs
Pre-surgery: 341.7lbs
10.03.2017: 301lbs
Total Loss: 67lbs

I am stuck again. I lost a few pounds and am stuck again. It’s hard not to feel frustrated. Also, day 83 of the non-stop period. I used the ring for about two weeks without any change so I took it out. I have decided that I am going to allow my body/uterus to do what it needs to do without hormones. So I am not taking the pill or using the ring.

After talking with other ladies who have had weight loss surgery and my primary care doctor, hormones are stored in fat, and as I lose weight, the hormones are released. So I am confused about my gyno’s suggestion to switch methods in the first place since nothing is going to work most likely.

But I am still trucking along. I have next week off work so I plan on working out more and figuring out a weekly routine for working out since I have been all over the place lately. I just hope I get out of stall asap.

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