My name is Christina and I am 32 years of age. I live in rural Michigan with my best friend Mathew and my two furbabies, Zoe and Pluto. I am passionate about all things crafty, photography, reading and collecting miniature tea sets. I am Pagan, bi, feminist, activist.



I am very liberal. I am a feminist. I am passionate about women’s issues, especially the issues involving reproductive rights, birthing rights, rape culture, abortion rights, and informed sex education. I am an activist. I am involved in several non-profit organizations in my area and always looking to help out where I can.



Pink, Sailor Moon, Supernatural, Tumblr, Fandoms, sparkles, Postcrossing, scrapbook paper, diaries, books, candles, tea sets, tiaras, House, Bob’s Burgers, Florence and the Machine, Ani Difranco, Once Upon a Time, Francesca Lia Block, faeries, spells, The Lord of the Rings, dragons, Pinterest, Flickr, poetry, Planet Earth, incense, photography, Tarot cards, lucky cats, Sarah Addison Allen, Renaissance festivals, …



Bugs, lotion, bigots, …


I write in pen, almost never in pencil.