Wednesday, January 18th 2017

Favorite Polarizing Books

I loved this book. But I know that some people really didn’t like it because of the relationship between Avery and Atlas. Which makes me roll my eyes. Maybe it’s because I read Wasteland by Francesca Lia Block when I was younger that I understand the relationship more.


I do understand why people do not like this book. I get it. But I fell head over heels for Will. I loved his personality. And I also don’t think that this narrative is impossible. I get why people are pissed off by it, but I think everyone experiences things differently, especially tragedy. And again, I don’t find his story impossible.


It is the subject matter that makes people freak the fuck out when they look this book up. I had taken this book to work a few times to read during my lunch and recommended it to my coworker as well. And oh my god, when I would explain what the book was about to others, it was like I had sprouted two heads. Yes, it is taboo. Yes, it is difficult subject matter. But guess what, it happens in the real world.


I think a lot of poeple were going into this book expecting it to be like The Walking Dead. Not so much the zombie part, but the idea that these ladies were going to become badass and save themselves and the world. Whereas the book is a more realistic look at what would happen. It’s not action packed and the don’t suddenly acquire skills to survive. They do what they can and they use what the know. I think it’s very honest literary read about the end of humanity.


This book isn’t ground breaking. And I think people don’t like it because it’s not ground breaking. It’s mean girls meets the The Exorcist. I loved it. It’s freaky and fun.



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