Tuesday, June 20th 2017

Reading Slump

I am in a reading slump. And I cannot get out of it. I started to read The Nest and I just…stopped. I feel like I need to read something else to get back into the swing of it and then I can finish The Nest.

I am pretty sure the reason this happened it because I checked out too many books from the library recently. I have this habit of getting overly excited and checking out way more books than I can get through, and then I get overwhelmed and barely read. I think I checked out 12 books and actually read 2.

So, I plan on going to the library soon and I am limiting myself to only check out 2 books at a time. We shall see how it goes.

Also this weekend I plan on going through all the books I own and making a list of the ones I have not read yet. I am a little terrified at how long the list might be. Wish me luck.


  1. On Tuesday, June 20th 2017 Lisa said:

    I’m curious about that count of unread books!

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