Wednesday, December 9th 2020

In the time of COVID

Just an FYI that if you are feeling pressure from anyone to go outside your comfort zone right now and attend gatherings but do not feel safe doing so, you do not have to feel bad about saying no. Your feelings are valid. Your fear is valid. It 100% completely sucks not seeing the people we love. I get it. I haven’t seen some of my close friends since March. And from the outside people might think I am being extreme by having my groceries delivered, and only doing curbside pick-up, etc. But I am someone with an invisible (for now) illness. People cannot tell that I have a rare auto-immune disease called chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), which is essentially the chronic version of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS).

It was most likely triggered in my body from a horrible case of pneumonia I had in my twenties. Since CIDP is rare, and COVID19 is so new, there is no telling what would happen to me if I caught it. It most likely would not go well since I have a history of respiratory illnesses and an auto-immune disease. All this to say, when I say no and when others say no, it’s possible we are saying no because we have a pretty big fear of dying right now. Auto-immune disease or not, this shit is scary. And we are all weighing the risks right now.

COVID fatigue is real. I GET IT. But please, please, please, respect everyone’s level of comfort. It is so important right now to have compassion. I would love to hug some of my friends, attend the family game night, walk into Michael’s Crafts and buy ALL THE THINGS, but my answer right now is no.

Stay safe, practice social distancing if you are meeting in person, have ventilation of some sort, and wear a mask.


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