My name is Christina and I am 33 years of age. I am passionate about all things crafty, photography, reading and collecting miniature tea sets. I am Pagan, feminist, queer, bibliophile, daydreamer. I write in pen, almost never in pencil.

Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon, Gemini Rising.
Color Code: Blue
Love Language: Quality Time
Apology Language: Accept Responsibility and Expressing Regret. 
Enneagram: Type 5 (92%), Type 1 (88%), Type 6 (76%), Type 4 (76%), Type 2 (70%), Type 7 (64%), Type 9 (56%), and Type 8 (42%). 
The Big 5: Openness (90%), Conscientiousness (69%), Extraversion (44%), Agreeableness (69%), and Neuroticism (67%).


Pink, Hanson, Sailor Moon, Supernatural, Tumblr, Fandoms, sparkles, Postcrossing, scrapbook paper, diaries, books, candles, tea sets, tiaras, House, Bob’s Burgers, Florence and the Machine, Ani Difranco, Once Upon a Time, Francesca Lia Block, faeries, spells, The Lord of the Rings, dragons, yoga, Pinterest, Flickr, Howl’s Moving Castle, poetry, Planet Earth, incense, photography, Tarot cards, lucky cats, Sarah Addison Allen, autumn, Renaissance festivals, GoodReads, the moon, Pusheen, astrology, Samurai Champloo, Elle King, magick, hygge, nature, …


Bugs, lotion, bigots, …