Sunday, November 1st 2020

seven things. one.

01. Perfectly brewed coffee.

02. I dislike Daylight Saving Time. I was an hour ahead of myself this morning. I will not be able to shake it for the rest of the day.

03. I still cannot write. I need inspiration. I need a muse.

04. There is so much Halloween candy in the house.

05. I am really enjoying Year of the Witch so far.

06. Warm maple chai tea before dinner.

07. Taking care of messes & getting things in order.

Sunday, November 1st 2020

october favorites


  • The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix


  • David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

TV Shows

  • The Haunting of Bly Manor
  • West Wing Special on HBO Max



String lights, crystal crowns, and witch’s hats.

Saturday, October 31st 2020

full moon in Taurus

The first thing I notice about this spread is the number of Swords that came up. Four out of the five cards are Swords. Three out of the five cards are court cards and one card is from the major arcana.

  1. Knight of Swords. My body needs movement, it needs exercise.
  2. 2 of Swords. I need to be gentler with myself and trust myself to move toward the light.
  3. The Magician. I can manifest the life I desire through energy and action.
  4. Page of Swords. Be open to new opportunities that present themselves.
  5. Queen of Swords. The work of within.

Saturday, October 31st 2020

October reading wrap up

Saturday, October 17th 2020

being a homeowner

Being a homeowner has been challenging and rewarding in ways I wasn’t necessarily expecting. There have been a few times I have completely lost my shit in frustration, but there have also been times where I have been really proud of myself for fixing something on my own.

I had a minor freak-out the first night living in my new house because the pilot light on the fireplace had gone out and I didn’t know there the gas light was downstairs to turn it off. I did figure it out but there was a moment where I questioned why I bought a house. I was so used to calling a landlord when there was a problem.

However, there have also been moments of triumph. I am very lucky because the previous owners left all the manuals to everything in the house. There have been a few times now where I have been able to use the manuals left behind to troubleshoot and figure out issues.

Instead of focusing on the things I don’t know about homeownership or the times I got frustrated, I try to think of the things I have accomplished. I make sure to give myself praise and to feel good about figuring things out. I make an effort to be proud of myself.