Sunday, December 1st 2019

My Pagan Path

Today I took part in a service at my Unitarian Universalist Fellowship titled “The Unexpected Journey into Paganism.”

My journey wasn’t really that unexpected. My parents decided that the children they had could pave their own path. I wasn’t baptized and I did not regularly attend any church. Religion was not forced upon me. While I don’t think either of them had Paganism or Witchcraft in mind at the time of my birth, here I am!

It was in high school where I met my platonic life partner, who was exploring Wicca at the time, that I felt a real connection to something. I enjoyed getting in touch with nature, respecting and honoring nature. I felt a strong connection to the moon and the goddess. While Wicca is not what I personally practice, it was my introduction to Paganism.

If someone asks me about my faith, I typically state that I am Pagan or a Witch. If they want to dig deeper, I explain that I consider myself eclectic but that I lean heavily into Traditional Witchcraft. I am not big on ceremonial magick, other than during the Sabbats and even then the rituals I have led are fairly laid back. I don’t follow Wiccan initiations, structures, rites or the guidelines for ritual. I go with my gut. I go with my intuition. I go with what feels right.

I am a solitary practitioner and I focus on self-care, home, and my own created traditions. I focus heavily on the changing seasons, the phases of the moon and the flora and fauna of where I live.

Paganism is my path. Traditional Witchcraft is what I practice.