December SkoshBox



1. Caramel Pie Pretz – Reminds me of Pringle Sticks. Not really a strong caramel flavor. Sweet snack.

2. Super Mario Galaxy Gum – Very strong lime flavor. Did not like.

3. Calpis Marshmellow – Soft marsh mellow with apple jelly flavor in the middle. Tasty.

4. Nori Wrapped Senbei – Hard pretzel wrapped in seaweed. Salty and bitter.

5. Potato Ring Snack – Reminds me of a Funyun without the onion. Potato flavor. Could use a little salt.

6. Bubble Gum Balls – Just like regular strawberry bubble gum.

7. Vegetable Salad Umaibo – Cheese puff texture. My favorite out of this box. Flavor reminded me of Garden Salsa SunChips.

8. Super Soda Hard Candy – Very sour on the outside. Very fizzy on the inside. Sour and then sweet flavor.


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November SkoshBox


1. Anpanman Caramel Corn – Shaped like elbow macaroni. If Cheetos came in a caramel flavor.

2. Vitamin C Lemon Candy – Just like a Halls Vitamin C drop.

3. Potapota Yaki Senbei – Flat rice cake. Sweet and savory.

4. One Piece Chewing Gum – Sweet gum. Cannot tell what fruit flavor, just sweet.

5. Bourbon Elise Wafer Sticks – My favorite from this box. Wafer cookie texture. Creamy.

6. Furuta Flaky Cream Pie – Vanilla wafer flavor. Very light.

7. Sequoia Wafer Bars – Looks and tastes like a Twix bar without the caramel.

8. Bisco Matcha Sandwich – Subtle green tea flavor. Cookie part has more flavor.

9. Peach Gummy – Just like a peach ring without the sugar coating.

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November Loot Crate


I plan on reviewing Loot Crate along with SKOSHBOX. However, this was my first Loot Crate and I was disappointed. Not really their fault, but I think I joined at the wrong time. I wish I had joined in time for the October Loot Crate because I loved everything that came in that box. However, November’s theme was Battle. In the box was a lot of gamer collectibles for games I do not play. Street Fighter, Mega Man, Assassins Creed, and Halo and a Pirates vs. Ninjas shirt. I gave almost everything away to my brothers. The items in the box were great for people who play those games. Just not for me.

Grant Writing 101

Yesterday evening I attended a Grant Writing 101 class at my local YWCA. While I do have a degree in professional and technical writing I do enjoy going to local classes, seminars, etc. when I can, especially local ones because I tend to gather new resources and occasionally they work well for networking.

I enjoyed the class quite a bit and was happy to see that I am not the only person who loves grant writing. It was taught by the executive director of my local YWCA. Most of the others who attended all work full time in an organization. Unfortunately that is not the case for me. While I love the job I have now, if I could get a job grant writing full time, that would be my dream job. I walked away from the class with some new resources and a handy manual.

Since I do grant writing on the side right now, some of the networking is a little more difficult for me. Because I don’t work for just one non-profit most of the time a prospective donor or foundation is already cultivated and I just write the grant. I am thinking about joining some of the local organizations for grant/proposal writers such as AFP or MNA. I feel joining this organizations will help me when it comes to networking.

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October SkoshBox


1. Happy Turn Senbei – Reminds me of Funyuns. Has a sesame taste and smells of soy sauce.

2. Chibimaruko Marshmellow – Super soft marsh mellow with strawberry jelly filling. My favorite in the box. Very light and sweet.

3. Pokemon Monsterball Candy – Sweet grape jawbreaker. Pretty sweet and a little fizzy.

4. Lychee Gummy – Had a perfume/soap smell. Not much flavor. Very slight apple juice flavor. Soft gummy.

5. Summer Kinako Choco – Smells like peanut butter. My least favorite in this box. Inside maple flavor jelly. Not a fan.

6. Awa Soda Tab Candy – Reminded me of Sweet Tarts. Pretty fizzy. Do not bite down! Bitter aftertaste.

7. Black Thunder Bar – As if Oreo and Crunch bar had a baby.

8. Pikachu Grape Gum – Super soft grape gum.

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Creative Dry Spell

These days I take more photos with my iPhone than I do with my Nikon DSLR. Not that they are bad photos. But part of me misses the work of actually working to take a photo. But then again…CATS!



I want to take photos with my DSLR, but I do not feel inspired. I would also love to participate in NaNoWriMo and I have been racking my brain for ideas. But again, I got nothing. I haven’t written anything creatively…in years. I keep thinking about writing poetry, but again, same issue. There is so much I want to do. But there is a lack of imagination and motivation working against me. A terrible combo.

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