Happy May

I am so excited that May has arrived! The Farmer’s Market opens this Saturday. I am not sure if I will go since it will mostly be flowers but I am excited to go once they start getting some vegetables and fruits. I am trying to eat healthier and I think shopping at the market will be better for me, not only price wise, but also health wise.

My room-mates are each doing their own gardens. Mat is planting a flower garden and Lisa is planting herbs and vegetables. This weekend we are getting pallets to build patio furniture. One pallet is for me, but I am still unsure what I want to do with it. Perhaps a large mixed media project. I have not yet decided. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend in the 70s.

I am so glad Spring feels like it has finally arrived!

Life Planner

It is official. I am an Erin Condren Life Planner enthusiast. 

I have been using it for a few months now and I adore it. I really like the setup and how colorful it is. I have been obsessed with stickers and washi tape. I am pretty sure I will get one again next year. The only other planners I have been eyeing are the Websters Pages planners. I will probably break down and get one of those too. I love the inserts that come with those planners. However I am not sure if I will like the weekly/daily setup as much as I like the Life Planners. Anyone else obsessed with planners and the planning community? 

2015 Planner

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a review of a FiloFax planner by one of the YouTubers I follow. Her channel is mostly crafts so I wasn’t entirely sure what this video was about, but once I was done watching, I wanted one. However, after looking at the prices, I realized I cannot afford one at this time. So I went to WalMart and picked out a planner that I could afford. IMG_2497


It’s a mint green with gold numbers on the front. The inside has a gold/brown color scheme and it’s pretty simple. It will do the job.

After watching many videos on FiloFax planners and Erin Condren life planners, I have decided that next year I will spend the extra money and get myself an Erin Condren life planner. I might get a few FiloFax inserts that can go in the life planner, but I feel like if I get a FiloFax there will be no end to all the stuff I will want to buy to put into it. With the life planner I will be a little more restricted.

What do you think? Do any of you use FiloFax or Erin Condren? Do you use a different planner?

February SkoshBox


  1. Jagabee Potato Fries – Tasted exactly like stale french fries. Like fries that have been dehydrated. IMG_2499
  2. Shimi Corn Chocolate – Like a chocolate rice cake.
  3. Kasugai Fruit Gummies – Reminded me of Dots, but softer. Smelled amazing. Taste was more subtle.
  4. Rilakkuma Gum + Seal Set – Gum was lack-luster but I loved the Rilakkuma sticker set!IMG_2503
  5. Mini Box Chewing Gum – Liked this gum better. More flavor.
  6. Charlotte Matcha Choco – Delicious. Chocolate with green tea filling.
  7. Nakayoshi Soft Cookie Ball – Did not like. Powdery little balls. Reminded me of Kix cereal, but powdery. IMG_2501

You can read my room-mates take on this months box here.

January SkoshBox



  1. Strawberry Pocky – Love it. Of course. Finally got to try some for xmas. My room-mate put some in my stocking. It’s like cracker sticks dipped in strawberry yogurt. Very tasty.
  2. Nameko Biscuits – Plain. They reminded me of something but I was never able to put my finger on it. They were pretty tasty. Nothing fancy.
  3. Green Tea Kit Kat – Delicious. I was so excited to see a flavor of kit kats we do not get here. Loved the green tea flavor. And they were actually green.
  4. Bakauke Fried Sesame – Eh. Like anything sesame flavored.
  5. Star Kirby Bubble Gum – Eh. Soft gum. Not really sweet though.
  6. Sakusaku Panda Cookies – Very tasty. Hard cookie with a type of soft white cream on the top. Shape of panda face.
  7. Shrimp Mayo Umaibo – My favorite out of this months box. Good shrimp taste. I really like Umaibo. The puffed corn snack.
  8. Potato Chip Sticks – Like the little pieces at the bottom of your chip bag. However, they did pack a little kick in the flavor department.

Check out my room-mates review of our SkoshBox here (she has more photos).


Message Boards

I miss being apart of an active message board. Are there any around anymore? I went back to some old ones and either they are no longer around, or they are not active anymore. I loved the interaction of message boards. It’s funny how some things become unpopular over time.Message boards are just not a popular web trend anymore.

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