2015 Planner

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a review of a FiloFax planner by one of the YouTubers I follow. Her channel is mostly crafts so I wasn’t entirely sure what this video was about, but once I was done watching, I wanted one. However, after looking at the prices, I realized I cannot afford one at this time. So I went to WalMart and picked out a planner that I could afford. IMG_2497


It’s a mint green with gold numbers on the front. The inside has a gold/brown color scheme and it’s pretty simple. It will do the job.

After watching many videos on FiloFax planners and Erin Condren life planners, I have decided that next year I will spend the extra money and get myself an Erin Condren life planner. I might get a few FiloFax inserts that can go in the life planner, but I feel like if I get a FiloFax there will be no end to all the stuff I will want to buy to put into it. With the life planner I will be a little more restricted.

What do you think? Do any of you use FiloFax or Erin Condren? Do you use a different planner?

February SkoshBox


  1. Jagabee Potato Fries – Tasted exactly like stale french fries. Like fries that have been dehydrated. IMG_2499
  2. Shimi Corn Chocolate – Like a chocolate rice cake.
  3. Kasugai Fruit Gummies – Reminded me of Dots, but softer. Smelled amazing. Taste was more subtle.
  4. Rilakkuma Gum + Seal Set – Gum was lack-luster but I loved the Rilakkuma sticker set!IMG_2503
  5. Mini Box Chewing Gum – Liked this gum better. More flavor.
  6. Charlotte Matcha Choco – Delicious. Chocolate with green tea filling.
  7. Nakayoshi Soft Cookie Ball – Did not like. Powdery little balls. Reminded me of Kix cereal, but powdery. IMG_2501

You can read my room-mates take on this months box here.

January SkoshBox



  1. Strawberry Pocky – Love it. Of course. Finally got to try some for xmas. My room-mate put some in my stocking. It’s like cracker sticks dipped in strawberry yogurt. Very tasty.
  2. Nameko Biscuits – Plain. They reminded me of something but I was never able to put my finger on it. They were pretty tasty. Nothing fancy.
  3. Green Tea Kit Kat – Delicious. I was so excited to see a flavor of kit kats we do not get here. Loved the green tea flavor. And they were actually green.
  4. Bakauke Fried Sesame – Eh. Like anything sesame flavored.
  5. Star Kirby Bubble Gum – Eh. Soft gum. Not really sweet though.
  6. Sakusaku Panda Cookies – Very tasty. Hard cookie with a type of soft white cream on the top. Shape of panda face.
  7. Shrimp Mayo Umaibo – My favorite out of this months box. Good shrimp taste. I really like Umaibo. The puffed corn snack.
  8. Potato Chip Sticks – Like the little pieces at the bottom of your chip bag. However, they did pack a little kick in the flavor department.

Check out my room-mates review of our SkoshBox here (she has more photos).


Message Boards

I miss being apart of an active message board. Are there any around anymore? I went back to some old ones and either they are no longer around, or they are not active anymore. I loved the interaction of message boards. It’s funny how some things become unpopular over time.Message boards are just not a popular web trend anymore.


Some of the bloggers I read did year in review questionnaires or photos for each month, but I got nothing. I did not write down any resolutions, but I did create a Day Zero Project page and a 2015 Reading Challenge page.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and Day! Here’s to 2015 being totally kick-ass!


I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday! And I hope you got what you wished/asked for. I got a few Funk Pop Vinyl’s I wanted and some books. And tons of candy. More candy than I need. I celebrate with my room-mates in the morning and my family in the afternoon and evening. None of my extended family came, just celebrated with immediate family and some friends of the family. It was a pretty good time. Played a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity and a round of Settlers of Catan. Food, family, friends and gifts. Who could ask for more?


Yesterday I bought a gift for someone for next year. It was pointed out to me that I have already begun shopping for the holidays for next year. It made me shudder a bit. I am a classic don’t buy anything until the week before type shopper. Oh well. I saw an opportunity and took it.

You may have noticed that my website theme has changed. I was actually looking through layouts for someone else can came across this one and decided to try it out. I needed a little change of pace. I like it.

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